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21 May 2024

New fleet of forklifts

A new fleet of forklifts has arrived at Mastermedia’s warehouses in Świdnik and Wysogotowo. 135 units of various types, LINDE brand, with lithium-ion batteries and premium equipment. We opted for alternative drive systems. Lower energy consumption, longer battery life cycle, no emissions of harmful gases and pollutants make it a good choice not only for […]

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07 May 2024

Mastermedia’s new warehouse

We have changed the location of the Lublin warehouse. A new warehouse in the immediate vicinity of the region’s capital successfully launched in March. It is located in the Panattoni Park Lublin IV complex, which was built in the Economic Activity Zone in Swidnik. The advantage of the new Lublin location is its proximity to […]

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11 March 2024

Transhipment warehouse in Niederkrüchten

In February 2024, the transhipment warehouse in Niederkrüchten was launched. This is our first cross-dock in Germany. Hence, the Mastermedia assortment goes to stores in Germany, as well as Belgium and Luxembourg.

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01 June 2023

Mastermedia: family picnic & speedway

On May 25, 2023, the Mastermedia company at Kresowa Street in Lublin organized… a speedway family picnic. The highlight of the family picnic was training for the youngest. It was held under the watchful eye of the Platinum Motor Lublin Junior School professionals.

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