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28 February 2022

In solidarity with Ukraine

In this difficult time, we wish to express our solidarity with ours

Co-workers and Friends from Ukraine.

When war breaks out in one place and many bad things are happening, in another, goodness and empathy arise. Thousands of people, companies, organizations and foundations join the actions, providing financial resources and material assistance to the citizens of Ukraine.

At Mastermedia we help, which is why we want to support Ukrainians in the time of need.

Actions to support Ukraine and its citizens

Thanks to the extraordinary commitment of Mastermedia employees, both in Lublin and in Poznań, it was possible to collect many gifts that were transported to Dołhobyczów or given directly to families in need.

Not only Mastermedia employees joined the fundraising campaign. An impressive amount of food and medicine was provided by our business partner – NordPlus company.

Mastermedia joins the #PomagamUkrainie government program

Safe, reliable work strengthens the feeling of security, helps to find oneself in the new reality and surroundings. It allows you to plan and think about what is next.

Therefore, we joined the government program of humanitarian aid #PomagamUkrainie and committed to employing Ukrainian workers in our branch in Poznań. We hope that soon we will be able to enlarge our Team, giving our Friends from the East real chances for a new life in a friendly, family environment.

About the program: www.pomagamukrainie.gov.pl

Ways to help Ukraine

Donations and charities to help Ukraine take place in Poland and also abroad. Our foreign clients are constantly asking, how they can help? How to effectively support Ukraine in a crisis? We suggest making donations directly to well-known organizations:

Caritas Polska

Polska Akcja Humanitarna

Polski Czerwony Krzyż

The Responsible Business Forum has created a valuable collection of information that may be useful when preparing, launching or joining aid actions: How can you support Ukrainians and Ukrainian women? [press release updated][prasówka aktualizowana]

The Polish FOOD PLUS franchise network abroad helps the citizens of Ukraine

The world is helping the people of Ukraine. Also, the owners of our abroad Food Plus franchise network spontaneously launched a bottom-up initiative. They managed to activate local communities, collect entire magazines and trucks full of articles for those in need.

You can find out more about it in the local media:

Why the Dorset Polish community is uniting to help Ukraine

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